Shipping & Refunds

Shipping & Refunds

Thank you for purchasing our products or subscribing to our services!

Below are the details of our Shipping and Refunds policy.
Please contact us if you are unsure of anything or if you would prefer to get more specific details regarding a return, refund or shipping query.

Specific warranty and or replacement or refund conditions may apply from the manufacturer of the goods – these manufacturer conditions would apply to the item in question and may override the conditions set out below. If you are ever uncertain, please contact us for more information via our “Contact” page.

Items that have been purchased with an extended or upgraded warranty through our website: the extended or upgraded warranty or refund/return or shipping terms would apply to those items.

Should a product you have purchased from our website be received in a faulty or defective condition [i.e. found to be faulty or defective within 24 hours of you having received it], it will be replaced at no cost to you. In order to qualify for a replacement, the item will need to be sent to the relevant agents for testing [at no cost to you] so as to be confirmed as faulty or defective. The replacement item or non-defective item will be sent back to you at no cost to yourself. Should an equivalent or replacement item not be available to send to you, you will qualify for a refund of the original purchase price.

Should a product you have purchased from our website become faulty or defective during its warranty period and after 24 hours of you having received it, the item would be repaired and/or replaced as per the warranty terms of that item. Any courier or delivery costs to get the item to the relevant repair agents or to ourselves and then back to you will not be covered.

Software licenses do not carry refund or return benefits unless these are specifically provided for by the software developer/manufacturer/supplier themselves. Any queries relating to this would be between the software developer/manufacturer or supplier and yourself, although we are happy to try and assist where possible.

Refunds will only apply to items that have been received as faulty or defective [i.e. found to be faulty or defective within the first 24 hours of you having received the item] and will only apply where the item cannot be replaced with the same or better model. Refunds will never exceed the original purchase price.

Items that have been modified, tampered with or damaged in any way [especially if the tampering, modification or damage nullifies or voids the manufacturer’s warranty] will not be refunded nor replaced.

Please be sure to immediately check the condition of any items received and make a note on the waybill if any problems were found – please do this before the courier or delivery service leaves your premises.

Any shipping costs apart from valid warranty or refund claims will not be covered by us.

Any costs related to properly packaging an item for shipping will not be covered by us unless it is a valid warranty or refund claim.

For further information please use our “Contact” page to reach out to us.