MS Teams, Sharepoint

MS Teams and SharePoint

In todays environment you need the right tools to stay in touch with your colleagues and customers – no matter where you, or they, may be.

Microsoft provides the most powerful collaboration tools available through their Teams and Sharepoint products.

Teams provides you with the ability to easily communicate via calls or chats (either on a one-on-one basis or for entire teams or even public events) and to share information with others easily (centrally share and store related important documentation, your screen, connect into 3rd party applications that are linked into Teams). Allow multiple parties to view and edit related documentation at once. Assign tasks to certain members and track the task progress. Control who has access to the Team’s information. Split converstations into specific related channels to easily keep track of topical conversations.

Sharepoint is not only the content management solution (the “engine” or “storage room”) behind Microsoft Teams), it is in itself a powerful online collaboration and content management solution – that helps organisations easily share information and applications.

Teams and Sharepoint integrate seemlessly into the already ever-popular Microsoft Office range of applications – providing a powerful end-to-end solution for workplaces and workplace users.

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