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Exchange Online 365 Email

E-Mail solutions have progressed far beyond just giving user’s access to send and receive e-mails.

Solutions such as Microsoft’s 365 mail system [known as Exchange Online] provide you with so much more, for example:

– Cloud-based mail which is synchronised seemlessly between all your smart devices. All your mail and carefully created mail folders are easily available on all your devices.
– Your mail is securely stored in the cloud – no more risk of you “losing all your mail when your PC dies”.
– Built-in protection against spam and e-mail related security threats.
– Additional collaboration features such as shared Calendars and appointments, shared Contacts and mail folders.
– your Contacts, Appointments, Tasks and Notes are now all up to date, synchronised and made available to you accross all your smart devices.
– Mail Archiving in the cloud enables you to securely and safely store older mails indefinitely or for extended periods to keep you compliant with legislation.
– Advanced Threat Protection can be easily added to give you additional peace of mind and security.

Benefit from some of these features from as little as 2 USD per month.

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