Email and Collaboration Solutions

Email and Collaboration Solutions

Exchange Online/Office 365 Email

E-Mail solutions have progressed far beyond simple sending and receiving of emails. Solutions such as Microsoft's 365 mail system [known as Exchange Online] provide you with so much more.

MS Teams and SharePoint

In todays environment you need the right tools to stay in touch with your colleagues and customers - no matter where you are. Microsoft provides the most powerful collaboration tools available today - through their Teams and Sharepoint products.

Internet Email

Is your business needing simple and cost effective e-mail access? Needing to create your own domain name with linked email accounts? Speak to us. We can customise an e-mail solution that meets your needs and pocket.

Mail Marketing Solutions

General e-mail systems are not designed to handle large e-mail campaigns or mass-mailing requirements. Even if you manage to send out many mails - are you getting intelligent and useful feedback from them or know who has even read them?

Email Protection

Did you know that e-mail is one of the most widely and easily exploited mechanisms by cyber criminals? Unprotected e-mail gives external parties easy access to your systems and data.