Dedicated Hosted Servers

Dedicated Hosted Servers

Choose from our powerful yet suprisingly affordable dedicated server offerings. We provide various options to suit your need and pocket.

Dedicated = use of the server is completely yours – no need to worry about having your computing power depleted by a resource-hog! Having a Dedicated server gives you peace of mind when computing power and availability are especially critical – no one else except you gets the benefit of the full hardware resources of your powerful hosted dedicated server.

Whether your requirement is for servers that are hosted locally here in South Africa (to keep you POPIA compliant) or servers that are located in state-of-the-art overseas datacenters (to give you access to super-cheap and super-fast overseas data rates), we can provide and guide you on both.

No expensive capital outlays needed – you never have to buy the server nor replace nor upgrade it later on – its all covered by your low monthly fee.

You don’t have the IT resource to look after your hosted server? No problem! Benefit from one of our cost-effective fully-monitored, fully-managed and fully-serviced dedicated server option or if you choose, have us do some of it or otherwuse you can choose to look after it yourself.

We are very proud about our hosted server offerings – speak to us today!

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